BIM MEE AEC DESIGN INC provides advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) based Architectural and Engineering design services for various type of construction projects. We are a team of highly skilled licensed Architects, Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, ready to bring our technical knowledge and experiences on the table, to provide a unique 3D BIM-Based integrated architectural and engineering design solutions. BIM MEE also provides supports for Construction Project Management and Facility Management, using 4D BIM project planning, scheduling, simulation, BIM data integration, 5D BIM modeling, Automated material quantification, Project Cost Estimation, 3D BIM coordination, etc.


BIM MANAGER EYES ENTERPRISE conducts advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) based Research and Development for general Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) and manufacturing industries and develops unique technology solutions for “Design and Manufacturing Automation” and “BIM-based integrated Robotics”. BIM MEE develops standalone BIM software and Application Programming Interface (API) BIM add-ins and related hardware for the AEC and manufacturing industry. BIM MEE has developed a unique BIM-based electronic gadget for Construction Communication which uses Computer Vision (CV), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence on an Augmented/Virtual Reality BIM environment.