About US

BIM Team

In BIM-MEE, we believe the team is our success factor. What distinguishing BIM-MEE team is a diversity of skill sets, background knowledge, and experience among the team. Our team is consist of highly talented architects and engineers who were specially trained for BIM based tasks. All the engineering BIM works are handled by engineers. Our architects are not only designers or drafters, they are BIMmers who know how to properly develop the project models to attain the best BIM enabled results.

Research & Development team

We have gathered a team of highly skilled talented engineers and programmers to make us develop the world-leading Canadian technologies for creating BIM based automation and robotic for AEC industry.

In BIM-MEE, we are always looking for young talented engineers and technology developers who fit our development needs. Please contact us if you believe you have the right qualification to be in our team.

Founder and CEO

Mohammad Delavar, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Direct Tel: +1 519 870 8525
Email: Mohammad.Delavar@BIMMEE.com
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohammad-delavar-34729437/

About CEO and Founder of BIM-MEE


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), in "Automation in Construction and BIM Sciences”, Doctoral thesis title: “Automated BIM-assisted design process for Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)” - Civil & Environmental Engineering Department of Western University Canada (formerly known as “University of Western Ontario”)

  • Master of Engineering (M.Eng), Civil & Environmental Engineering Department of Western University Canada

  • B.Sc. of Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, IAUM, Iran


Mohammad Delavar defended his doctoral thesis on “BIM Assisted Design Process Automation for Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)” at Civil Engineering Department of Western University Canada (Formerly known as University of Western Ontario) in Feb 2017; to be named as one the few scholars and researchers in “Automation in Construction and BIM sciences” field in North America. Mohammad is a “Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NESREC) Award winner (2014-2016), for conducting a successful research project on BIM in the sensitive energy industry in North America.

He has actively dedicated his life over last decade on BIM technology development, having diversity set of experiences in the construction industry from architectural design to structural design, construction management and computer application in construction. Over last ten years, he has also acted as the design lead and BIM manager in more than dozens of international mega projects around the world in the US, Canada, South America and the Middle East.

He has been publishing several impacts factored Journal articles in BIM on the “Optimum Level of Development (LOD)”, “automation in BIM design process”, “BIM augmented reality”, “BIM automated material quantification and 5’D modeling system”, “BIM integrated system wind engineering design”, “BIM for the Pre-engineered industry”, etc.

He is one of the collaborators in the development of “BIM practical manual for Canada” by buildingSMART Canada/IBC. Over last four years, he has registered two patents in BIM related technologies. He is currently working on BIM academic development in Canada and recently he has participated in different academic BIM course and program development in Ontario including “BIM and Integrated Practice” program in Fanshawe College Canada and Western University BIM graduate course. Mohammad research plan now is being conducted in R&D department of BIM-MEE, on BIM and “Computer Vision” CV as well as the application of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in BIM design development for the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Both BIM and R&D teams have been trained and are supervised by Dr. Mohammad Delavar.


Our vision is to provide the most advanced BIM solution for the Canadian and international AEC industry while we develop the technologies to suit our vision