BIM MEE AEC DESIGN INC provides advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) based Architectural and Engineering design services for various type of construction projects. We are a team of highly skilled licensed Architects, Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, ready to bring our technical knowledge and experiences on the table, to provide a unique 3D BIM-Based integrated architectural and engineering design solutions. BIM MEE also provides supports for Construction Project Management and Facility Management, using 4D BIM project planning, scheduling, simulation, BIM data integration, 5D BIM modeling, Automated material quantification, Project Cost Estimation, 3D BIM coordination, etc.

Advanced Architectural Design Solutions  

BIM-Based Architectural Design

  • Advanced 3D BIM design visualization for owners and clients enhanced comprehension as per needs assessment

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality Design Review solutions

  • Providing Advanced Photo-realistic Interior / Exterior Renders

  • Advanced or geometrically difficult BIM Model Development (where extra BIM programming is required) Developing advanced parametric models (families) for your typical projects

  • Advanced BIM360 design Cloud based or Sever base BIM Work-sharing

Solutions for General Contractors (GC) 

BIM Partnership, BIM Coordination

  • Setting up and managing the A360 and BIM 360 Glue system for project coordination and communication

  • Providing Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) for erection and construction

  • Participating in Design Build (DB), Design Bid Build (DBB) or Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) on behalf of GC and Contractors to provide:

    • BIM model based 3D coordination

    • BIM clash detection and communication on behalf of GCs

    • BIM model development for "As-built" purposes

  • Providing Architectural and Engineering BIM consultation using in-house certified Architects/Engineers or partner companions (Engineering + BIM)

Solutions for AEC industry 

SCAN to BIM Services

Ground & Aerial 3D Reconstruction (Laser Scanning + photogrammetry)

  • Accurate and Detail 3D Scanning Services based on the requirement of your task.

  • Using qualified Pilots and special drones developed by BIM-MEE scientist and engineers:

    • Large Scale Drones (over 25 Kg) for large scale scanning

    • Octocopter Drones for smaller scale scanning purposes

  • SCAN to BIM services, Point Clouds to BIM model remodeling

  • Retrofit project BIM modeling

  • Existing Condition BIM Modeling

Advanced Structural Engineering Solutions         

BIM-Based Structural Engineering

  • Developing the most cost effective and feasible structural engineering solutions

  • Developing BIM based drafting for Steel or Reinforced Concrete Structural Design (faster, easier and more integrated than CAD)

  • Developing accurate shop drawings for Pre-fabrication (With CNC output)

  • Structural BIM models for collaboration

  • Structural Material Quantification (BIM based Bill of Material BOM)

Solutions for Architects, Architectural Firms, and 3D Game Developer Companies

Advanced BIM Visualization Service

  • Advanced intensive City modeling using your project's location for your developed BIM models (higher LOD models rather than conceptual masses) by 3D Urban Environmental coding.

  • Advanced dynamic (intensive) visualization (HQ Rendered animations including related 3D environments.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming on existing BIM models or using exported BIM models to provide executable file (.exe) for project review or visualization purposes (Real Third Person Point of View (POV) experiences)

  • Providing hardware/software support for running "Virtual/Augmented Reality" project review purposes.

Solutions for AEC industry 

BIM Implementation Consultation 

  1. BIM Project Contract Consultation

  2. BIM  Development Training Services

  • Project based BIM contract consultation including developing BIM Execution Planning (BxP.) document and other contractual documents.

  • BIM organizational development, including company based requirement assessments

  • In-house BIM software training (BIM Design Authoring, BIM Design Review and BIM drafting tool

  • BIM Implementation software and hardware consultation

  • Adaptive BIM workflows for your BIM department

Advanced MEP Engineering Solutions

BIM-Based MEP Engineering

  • Developing the most cost effective and feasible MEP engineering solutions

  • Developing accurate BIM based MEP/HVAC shop drawings

  • Developing general BIM MEP/HVAC models for your collaboration in BIM collaborated projects

  • BIM Based Building Energy Analysis

  • BIM MEP/HVAC 3D Coordination service

  • Developing Piping Spool Drawing

  • As-built BIM Modeling and drafting

  • MEP/HVAC Material Quantification (BIM based Bill of Material BOM)

Solutions for Owners/Operators

BIM Services for facility Management

  • "As-built" 3D reconstruction

  • "As-built" BIM model development

  • Setting up BIM based Facility Management (FM) systems and training the facilities' personnel for effective BIM based FM uses

  • Enhancement (3D) BIM model development (increasing the BIM Level of Development LOD) of the existing project BIM models to become suitable for Facility Management

  • Enhancement (Information) BIM model development (LOI increment) - Adding 2D drawings, additional building components' information/data

  • Providing hardware/software support for running "Virtual/Augmented Reality" on facility BIM model for FM

Solutions for AEC industry

Engineering Services (Complete BIM Engineering Package)

  • Providing complete engineering package for your residential, commercial, industrial projects.

  • Using certified engineers in-house and/or partner engineering firms

  • Structural Engineering Services

  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Engineering Services

  • Advanced "Wind Engineering" and BIM based CFD simulations

  • BIM based Lighting analysis

  • BIM based building performance and energy analysis

  • Bidding and early stage cost estimation consultation services

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